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To see the current status and applications of the databases developed by Professor Bruce Eglington, of University of Saskatchewan, for IGCP 509 and IGCP 648, please read the information and click on the links below.

New users need to register first before accessing the databases. To do so, just follow the login link, and choose the register link. If you are going to contribute data online, please email your registered user ID to Bruce at


DateView geochronology database

International geochronology and isotope database. More information on this database and on submitting data are available here. An overview of the design and operation of the database is also available, as is a summary of the system’s capabilities in pdf format. Further contributions to the contents of this database are welcome. Non-commercial use of this database is free. 

As of November 2013 DateView stores more than 106,000 summary records and also has numerous individual detrital zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf results.

Some Flash animations have been created for various parts of the globe to illustrate the geochronological record.


StratDB lithostratigraphy, structural domain and ore deposit database

Database containing information on stratigraphic units from various countries and metamorphism/deformation in various structural domains. The design is based on that used for the IGCP509 project, but extends the time-span to cover all of Earth history. Links are provided between this database and the DateView geochronology database to show ages available for various units. More information is available on the use of this database and on submitting data. Users may download summary information from the database as Excel spreadsheets. Some of these spreadsheets are specifically designed for semi-automatic importing into ARCGIS for constructing time-space correlation charts. Further details of this process are also available. Contributions to the contents of this database are welcome. Non-commercial use of this database is free.


The video below highlights some of the data compilation initiatives being undertaken as part of Project 648.

  • IGCP648 data objectives and appeal 2016