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IGCP 648

IGCP648 Logo The IGCP 648: Supercontinent Cycles & Global Geodynamics project brings together a diverse range of geoscience expertise to harness recent breakthroughs in order to explore the occurrence and evolution history of supercontinents through time along with the underlying geodynamic processes. The work is supported by:



A piece of America found in northern Australia: Legacy of the 1.6-billion-year-old supercontinent Nuna

Some recently published results in the journal GEOLOGY links North Queensland to North America at 1.6 billion years ago during the supercontinent Nuna.


Rodinia 2017 a great success! Townsville, 11-14 June, 2017

The Rodinia 2017 Conference, organised by Professor Peter Betts and the IGCP648 team, was successfully held over 11 – 14 June in tropical North Queensland, Australia.

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2017 Haydn Williams Fellowship Public Lecture

Why leprechauns know how mountains form

presented by Professor Brendan Murphy

On Thursday 4 May 2017 Professor Brendan Murphy will give a public lecture on Curtin University’s Bentley campus. Professor Murphy will examine how mountains form in response to how terrestrial factors have affected the evolution of the Earth, including its climate, life and endowment of natural resources. To read more and to register your interest please follow the link below.

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Workshop by Prof Murphy

Workshop on publishing your research by Prof. Murphy

On 11 April, Professor Brendan Murphy (Haydn Williams Fellow) gave a seminar at the Curtin Applied Geology Department on the art of getting published in geoscience journals.

Bruce & Li

IGCP 648 China National Working Group kick started the compilation of the Asian database

On 24 February 2017, the IGCP 648 China National Working Group was formed in Beijing.


35th International  Geological Congress in Cape Town, 27 August – 4 September, 2016

IGCP project 648 was well presented at the 35th IGC, held during 27 August–4 September 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa.


Seventh International Dyke Conference (IDC7) in Beijing, 18-20 August, 2016

IGCP 648 co-sponsored a successful Seventh International Dyke Conference in Beijing (


Prof. Paul Hoffman

CCFS Short Course on Snowball Earth by Professor Paul Hoffman

A CCFS-sponsored short course on the global climatic phenomenon known as Snowball Earth was held at Curtin University on 15 July, 2016.The seminars were recorded and are available to view online.



GSL Special Publication 424 Now Available!

The 1st IGCP 648-sponsored volume on Supercontinent Cycles Through Earth History is now available. Edited by Z.X. Li, D.A.D. Evans, and J.B. Murphy.

Articles available from:
The Geological Society, London

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Tectonophysics Special Issue 681 Out Now!

A special, IGCP 648 related, issue of Tectonophysics celebrating the career of Cecilio Quesada was recently published. It was edited by Guest Editors J. Brendan Murphy, R. Damian Nance, and Stephen T. Johnston.

Articles available from:

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