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Please see the lists below for journal articles contributed to by our group members.


Paleogeographic forcing of the strontium isotopic cycle in the Neoproterozoic.Y. Goddéris, G.L. Hir, M. Macouin, Y. Donnadieu, L. Hubert-Théou, G. Dera, M. Aretz, F. Fluteau, Z.X. Li, G.P. HalversonGondwana Research42151-16210.1016/
Subduction of Indian continent beneath southern Tibet in the latest Eocene (~ 35 Ma): Insights from the Quguosha gabbros in southern Lhasa block.L. Ma, Q. Wang, Z.X. Li, D.A. Wyman, J.H. Yang, F.Y. Wu, Z.Q. Jiang, G.N. Gou, H.F. GuoGondwana Research4177-9210.1016/
Quantifying the evolution of the continental and oceanic crust.S.J. Puetz, K.C. Kent, S.A. Pisarevsky, A. Davaille, C.J. Schwarz, C.E. GanadeEarth-Science Reviews16463-8310.1016/j.earscirev.2016.10.011
Middle Permian paleomagnetism of the Sydney Basin, eastern Gondwana: Testing Pangea models and the timing of the end of the Kiaman Reverse SuperchronM.E. Belica, E. Tohver, S.A. Pisarevsky, F. Jourdan, S. Denyszyn, A.D. GeorgeTectonophysicsIn Press10.1016/j.tecto.2016.12.029
Badenian and Sarmatian s.str. from the Carpathian area: Taxonomical notes concerning the Hungarian and Romanian small vertebrates and report on the ruminants from the Felsőtárkány BasinJ. Hír, M. Venczel, V. Codrea, G.E. Rössner, C. Angelone, L.W. van den Hoek Ostende, V.V. Rosina, U. Kirscher, J. PrietodComptes Rendus PalevolIn Press10.1016/j.crpv.2016.11.006
Proterozoic tectonics of Hainan Island in supercontinent cycles: New insights from geochronological and isotopic resultsW. Yao, Z.X. Li, W.X. Li, X.H. LiPrecambrian Research29086-10010.1016/j.precamres.2017.01.001


Four-dimensional context of Earth's supercontinents.D. Evans, Z.X. Li, J. MurphyGeological Society, London, Special Publications424 (1)1-1410.1144/SP424.12
Palaeomagnetism and geochronology of mid-Neoproterozoic Yanbian dykes, South China: implications for a c. 820–800 Ma true polar wander event and the reconstruction of Rodinia.J. Niu, Z.X. Li, W. ZhuGeological Society, London, Special Publications424 (1)191-21110.1144/SP424.11
Early Mesozoic ferroan (A-type) and magnesian granitoids in eastern South China: Tracing the influence of flat-slab subduction at the western Pacific margin.K.Y. Zhu, Z.X. Li, X.S. Xu, S.A. Wilde, H.L. ChenLithos240371-381j.lithos.2015.11.025
SIMS zircon U–Pb ages, geochemistry and Nd–Hf isotopes of ca. 1.0 Ga mafic dykes and volcanic rocks in the Huili area, SW China: Origin and tectonic significance. W.G. Zhu, H. Zhong, Z.X. Li, Z.J. Bai, Y.J. YangPrecambrian Research 27367-89j.precamres.2015.12.011
Tectonostratigraphic history of the Ediacaran–Silurian Nanhua foreland basin in South China. W.H. Yao, Z.X. LiTectonophysics 67431-51j.tecto.2016.02.012
Climatic and tectonic controls on Late Triassic to Middle Jurassic sedimentation in northeastern Guangdong Province, South China. C.J. Pang, Z.X. Li, Y.G. Xu, S.N. Wen, B. KrapežTectonophysics 67768-87j.tecto.2016.03.041
Pliocene-Quaternary crustal melting in central and northern Tibet and insights into crustal flow. Q. Wang, C.J. Hawkesworth, D. Wyman, S.L. Chung, F.Y. Wu, X.H. Li, Z.X. Li, G.N. Gou, X.Z. Zhang, G.J. Tang, W. Dan, L. Ma, Y.H. DongNature Communications 71188810.1038/ncomms11888
Continental flood basalt weathering as a trigger for Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth. G.M. Cox, G.P. Halverson, R.K. Stevenson, M. Vokaty, A. Poirier, M. Kunzmann, Z.X. Li, S.W. Denyszyn, J.V. Strauss, F.A. MacdonaldEarth and Planetary Science Letters44689-99j.epsl.2016.04.016
Petrogenesis of early Jurassic basalts in southern Jiangxi Province, South China: Implications for the thermal state of the Mesozoic mantle beneath South China. T. Cen, W. Li, X. Wang, C. Pang, Z. Li, G. Xing, X. Zhao, J. TaoLithos256311-330j.lithos.2016.03.022
Basin redox and primary productivity within the Mesoproterozoic Roper Seaway.G.M. Cox, A. Jarrett, D. Edwards, P.W. Crockford, G.P. Halverson, A.S. Collins, A. Poirier, Z.X. LiChemical Geology 440101-114j.chemgeo.2016.06.025
A biochronologic tie-point for the base of the Tortonian stage in European terrestrial settings: Magnetostratigraphy of the topmost Upper Freshwater Molasse sediments of the North Alpine Foreland Basin in Bavaria (Germany). U. Kirscher, J. Prieto, V. Bachtadse, H.A. Aziz, G. Doppler, M. Hagmaier, M. BöhmeNewsletters on Stratigraphy49 (3)445-46710.1127/nos/2016/0288
Dyke swarms: keys to paleogeographic reconstructions.P. Peng, R. Ernst, G. Hou, U. Söderlund, S. Zhang, M. Hamilton, Y. Xu, S. Denyszyn, D. Mege, S. Pisarevsky, R. Srivastava, T. KuskyScience Bulletin 61 (21)1669-167110.1007/s11434-016-1184-x
First paleomagnetic data for the New Siberian Islands: Implications for Arctic paleogeography.D.V. Metelkin, V.A. Vernikovsky, T.Yu. Tolmacheva, N.Yu. Matushkin, A.I. Zhdanova, S.A. PisarevskyGondwana Research37308-32310.1016/
Paleomagnetic and geochronological study of Carboniferous forearc basin rocks in the Southern New England Orogen (Eastern Australia).S.A. Pisarevsky, G. Rosenbaum, U. Shaanan, D. Hoy, F. Speranza, T. MochalesTectonophysics681263-27710.1016/j.tecto.2016.01.029
Linking collisional and accretionary orogens during Rodinia assembly and breakup: Implications for models of supercontinent cycles.P.A. Cawood, R.A. Strachan, S.A. Pisarevsky, D.P. Gladkochub, J.B. MurphyEarth and Planetary Science Letters449118-12610.1016/j.tecto.2016.01.029
The Mesoproterozoic mantle plume beneath the northern part of the Siberian craton.D.P. Gladkochud, T.V. Donskaya, A.M. Mazukabzov, S.A. Pisarevsky, R.E. Ernst, A.M. Stenevich Russian Geology and Geophysics57672-68610.1016/j.rgg.2016.04.004
U-Pb baddeleyite dating of the Proterozoic Pará de Minas dyke swarm in the São Francisco craton (Brazil) – implications for tectonic correlation with the Siberian, Congo and North China cratons.J. Cederberg, U. Söderlund, E.P. Oliveira, R.E. Ernst, S.A. Pisarevsky GFF138219-24010.1080/11035897.2015.1093543
Grain size matters: Implications for mobilization of radiogenic-Pb in titanite: an example from the Albany-Fraser Orogen.C.L. Kirkland, C. Spaggiari, T. Johnson, H. Smithies, M. Danisik, N. Evans M. Wingate, C. Clark, C. Spencer, E. Mikucki, B. McDonald Precambrian Research278283-302j.precamres.2016.03.002
Strategies towards statistically robust interpretations of in situ U–Pb zircon geochronology.C.J. Spencer, C.L. Kirkland, R.J.M. Taylor Geoscience Frontiers7581-58910.1016/j.gsf.2015.11.006
Geochronology of the central Tanzania Craton and its southern and eastern orogenic margins.R.J. Thomas, C.J. Spencer, A.M. Bushi, N. Baglow, N. Boniface, G. de Kock, M.S.A. Horstwood, L. Hollick, J. Jacobs, S. Kajara, G. Kamihanda, R.M. Key, Z. Maganga, F. Mbawala, W. McCourt, P. Momburi, F. Moses, A. Mruma, Y. Myambilwa, N.M.W Roberts, H. Saidi, P. Nyanda, K. Nyoka, I. Millar Precambrian Research27747-6710.1016/j.precamres.2016.02.008
Provenance of Permian-Triassic Gondwana sequence unit accreted to the Banda Arc: constraints from zircon U-Pb and Hf isotopes.C.J. Spencer, R.A. Harris, J.R. Major Gondwana Research3828-3910.1016/
Badenian and Sarmatian s.str. from the Carpathian area: Overview and ongoing research on Hungarian and Romanian small vertebrate evolutionJ. Hír, M. Venczel, V. Codrea, C. Angelone, L.W. van den Hoek Ostende, U. Kirscher, J. PrietoComptes Rendus Palevol15 (7)863–87510.1016/j.crpv.2016.08.001