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Rodinia 2017: Conference and field trip announced! QLD, Australia in June 2017

Rodinia 2017: Supercontinent Cycles and Global Geodynamics is a continuation of the Rodinia meeting series, which have been held every 4–5 years. It brings together global experts and young researchers from a broad range of geoscience disciplines to study supercontinent histories and related geodynamic processes.

For more information please read the first circular. General inquiries about the conference or field trip should be directed to:

Prof. Peter Betts


Tel: +61 3 990 54150

Hawaii Field Symposium Kailua-Kona, 9-13 December 2015

Hawaii group

The first field symposium of Project 648 was successfully (and also enjoyably) held on the Big Island of Hawaii, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, near the center of the Pacific Plate and atop one of the two large low shearwave-velocity provinces (LLSVPs, or superplumes) in the Earth’s mantle.



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Dr Ross Mitchell

Project Secretary, IGCP 648
Phone: +61 8 9266 2968
Fax: +61 8 9266 3153

Postal address

Department of Applied Geology
Curtin University
GPO Box U1987
Perth WA 6845

GSL Special Publication 424 Now Available!

The 1st IGCP 648-sponsored volume on Supercontinent Cycles Through Earth History is now available. Edited by Z.X. Li, D.A.D. Evans, and J.B. Murphy.

Articles available from:
The Geological Society, London

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Tectonophysics Special Issue 681 Out Now!

A special, IGCP 648 related, issue of Tectonophysics celebrating the career of Cecilio Quesada was recently published. It was edited by Guest Editors J. Brendan Murphy, R. Damian Nance, and Stephen T. Johnston.

Articles available from:

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