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Another productive annual retreat for the Earth Dynamics Research Group

The Earth Dynamics Research Group recently spent a productive 2-days in Mandurah redressing the project aims and outcomes for all current group members. The event was held in the beautiful Seashells resort, ideally nestled beside Dolphin Quay and the Indian Ocean. The location provided the perfect backdrop for reflection and discussion between the packed schedule of talks.

The event kicked off with a general overview of the previous year provided by our illustrious leader, Prof. Li. The group was then honored to have Prof. Brendan Murphy present a keynote address. His presentation, covering the history of tectonic episodicity, provided the fitting beginning to what would be a very full day of discussing supercontinent cycles and recontructions. The afternoon also saw the discussions turn toward the complicated tectonic history of NE Queensland. The team of young researchers, led by Dr Amaury Pourteau, presented their most recent data and where they need to go next to continue unraveling the mysteries of the various terranes east of Mt Isa. The most recent addition to the team, Mr Jiangyu Li, also presented some intriguing analyses of the available thermochronology data for the region. Data collected during the coming field season should prove to be very informative. Stay tuned for more updates.

After a busy first day the group made the most of the location and took the opportunity to go for a swim. Refreshed and ready for more, the group headed to a local tapas restaurant for a fantastic meal. The discussions continued well into the night and even the following day.

The second day begun with presentations about our ongoing efforts into modelling the whole earth system and the datasets that we can use to explore the cyclicity of supercontinents. This theme continued throughout the day with perspectives from China, Australia and South America. A number of very fruitful discussions were had and the event wrapped up with everyone motivated to continue uncovering the details on how the Earth works.