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CCFS sponsored short course on Snowball Earth – Lectures

by Professor Paul Hoffman

15 July 2016


A CCFS-sponsored short course on the global climatic phenomenon known as Snowball Earth was held at Curtin University on Friday 15 July, 2016. Below is the program for the lecture series and the associated recordings.


Lecture 1. Snowball geology: chronology, paleogeography, sedimentology, and paleoenvironmental context of Cryogenian glaciations.
Lecture 2. Snowball climate dynamics: the atmosphere, cryosphere, ocean and lithosphere during Snowball Earth.
Lecture 3. Snowball geochemistry: Snowball ocean acidification, deacidification, cap carbonates, elemental and isotopic proxy records, and redox.
Lecture 4. Snowball geobiology: Neoproterozoic paleontology, organic geochemistry and molecular phylogeny; habitats on Snowball Earth for the evolution of eukaryotes.
Lecture 5. The origin of Laurentia. Interpretations of some recent data.

Lecture 6. Siderian glaciation and the Great Oxidation Event: Paleoproterozoic glaciation in North America and southern Africa, and evidence for a Siderian Snowball Earth.


  • Snowball Earth Lecture 1 - Snowball geology
  • Snowball Earth Lecture 2 - Snowball climate dynamics
  • Snowball Earth Lecture 3 - Snowball geochemistry
  • Snowball Earth Lectures 4&5 - Snowball geobiology & The origin of Laurentia
  • Snowball Earth Lecture 6 - The Great Oxidation Event and a Siderian snowball earth