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EDRG welcomes numerous visitors to the team

The Earth Dynamics Research Group has had a very productive start to 2023 with a number of visitors joining us.

We were joined by Professor Dmitri Ionov from the University of Montpellier for 3 weeks at the end of January. During his stay he worked closely with the team discussing the origin and evolution of the cratonic lithospheric mantle and developing future projects ideas. Keep an eye out for an upcoming reveiw article on the cratonic lithospheric mantle!

We have also welcomed two new visiting research associates. Ms Jianli Kang is a PhD student from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her work studies the geochronological and geochemical constraints on the petrogenesis of alkaline rocks from the North China Craton (NCC). She will  work closely with the team over the next 12 months to uncover the geochemical record and determine the conditions required to form these rocks of the NCC.

Mr Guodong Bao, a PhD student from the Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration, is the most recent addition to the EDRG. He will also join us to 12 months, during which time he will be studying the tectonic evolution of the Qaidam Basin in the northeastern part of the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau. An evolution model of the basin will be reconstructed for the time since the Paleogene. Mr Bao will also extend the current knowledge of the fault systems associated with the Longmenshan fault by analysing the sturctual style, lateral extent, deformation and slip rate, and motion history.

These visitors will continue to broaden the scientific network of the EDRG and bring new perpectives on much of our research.

Welcome all to the EDRG!

EDRG visitors 2023