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“Empowering the next generation of research leaders”

A career development workshop led by Professor Brendan Murphy


The 4th of May saw Hadyn Williams Fellow Prof. Brendan Murphy once again deliver a very informative workshop. The workshop was well attended by both Early Career Researchers and a number of PhD students. The session covered a number of topics and discussions including:

  • The HDR perspective
  • What makes a research leader?
  • The Australian researcher development environment
  • The profile of a successful academic career
  • Why does industry want or need PhDs? What are some industry career paths?
  • ‘How can Curtin be the factory for the next generation of academic/industry research leaders?’

Prof. Murphy led the discussions but was accompanied by other key Curtin University staff such as Professor Garry Alison (Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Research Training) and Professor Brett Kirk (Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor – Research).

A key element of Curtin’s growth as a research intensive University is to ensure that we provide the best possible environment and opportunities for our emerging researchers. This session contributed toward this ideal and opened a discussion to collectively define the best path forward.