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PhD graduate receives Chancellor’s commendation

Hamed Gamal El Dien

PhD student Hamed Gamal El Dien was recently acknowledged with a Chancellor’s commendation for his extraordinary efforts during his doctoral research. Hamed’s PhD thesis received high praise from its examiners, which incorporated work that he had already published in journals such as Nature Communications during his course of study. His thesis work, examining the geochemical signatures of the deep mantle and using that to help unravel the tectonic history of the Arabian-Nubian Shield and mantle dynamics, has already produced no less than 4 scientific articles in prestigeous journals and there are more expected to be published in the near future.

Hamed was officially conferred the award of Doctor of Philosophy in March 2021 and will continue his exciting research with the group as a post-doctoral Research Associate.

Congratulations and well done Hamed!