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Palaeomagnetism lab booking

To book some time on the equipment within in the Palaeomagnetism Laboratory please send your request to the laboratory manager to organise/co-ordinate your visit.

Your request should include the following information;


Machines to be used:

RAPID Magnetometer system
AGICO JR6A Spinner Magnetometer
AGICO MFK1 Kappabridge
Petersen Instruments Variable Field Translation Balance (VFTB)

Dates requested (DD/MM format):

(Note: If requesting multiple days please provide the date range or the individual dates.)
(Maximum number of consecutive days: 5)

Time slot requested:

(Note: only authorised users will be eligible for the time slots outside of normal business hours.)
(24 hour bookings only available on request.)
8am to 5pm
5pm to 8am (the following day)