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Resources for Future Generations 2018

June 16-21, 2018 | Vancouver, Canada 

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IGCP648 is sponsoring sessions EA10: Global Plate Models: The State of the Art and Future Developments & EA11: Supercontinent Cyclicity with a Focus on Contributions from Circum-Pacific regions.

An IGCP database workshop will also be organised during the conference. All members, those who participated in the Beijing and/or Townsville workshops in particular, are encouraged to attend this conference and the workshop where we will review progress and plan for the coming year.

In addition, there will be a special session on Large Igneous Provinces and exploration targeting, MIN11: Multi-Commodity, Multi-Scale Exploration Targeting Using the Large Igneous Province Record, co-convened by an IGCP648 member. A short course on LIPs and resource exploration and climate change will follow the conference on Friday, June 22, 2018. More information on this special session and short course can be found here.