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Welcome back Dr Uwe Kirscher!

Dr Uwe Kirscher

The EDRG have welcomed back a founding member, Dr Uwe Kirscher.

Dr Kirscher has returned to the EDRG to drive forwards the newly funded ARC Discovery Project grant awarded to Prof. Z.X. Li & Prof. A. Biggin on palaeointensity using the Western Australia Paleomagnetic and Rock-magnetic Facility located at Curtin.

Dr Kirscher was previously with the EDRG (2016-2019) and was one of the founding members of the group. Uwe had never really left however, as even during his postdoctoral work being undertaken at the University of Tubigen he continued to collaborate on many of the articles published by our group members.

It is great to see Uwe back to Curtin and the EDRG!