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2023 AESC Special Symposium

Dynamic Evolution of Earth and its Environment: magnetics, geochemistry, data mining, and numerical simulation

Convenors: Zheng-Xiang Li, Maria Seton, Andrew Roberts

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre | June 27-30
Perth Australia November 5th 2019:  Aerial panoramic view of the beautiful city of Perth on the Swan river at dusk

The 2023 Australian Earth Sciences Convention will be held in the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, June 27-30, during which this special symposium will be held.

The plate tectonic theory developed 60 years ago answered many questions regarding crustal motions and dynamics. The Earth science community has been largely discipline-focused in the following decades, and many fundamental questions, such as the driving force(s) for plate tectonics and the relationships between Earth’s core, mantle, crust, biosphere and hydrosphere, remain unanswered. However, more holistic approaches, aided by open-source software and open-access databases, have been taken since the 1990s in order to understand the multiple Earth layers as a dynamically interrelated Earth System. A new, ongoing geoscience revolution has been occurring.

This special symposium is designed to take advantage of involvement by Australian researchers in this new revolution (including through running numerous IGCP projects, and contributions as lead research groups in international collaborations) to take stock of where we are in answering numerous blue-sky questions (underlined by the potential session themes listed below), and to develop new ideas and collaborations for the coming decades. Any partial overlap between the sessions below and existing conference themes will be code-shared with relevant sessions, and will be scheduled accordingly.

Session themes:

  1. Global reconstruction and supercontinent cycles: geology, tectonics, palaeomagnetism, and data mining

Coordinators: Derya Gürer and Yebo Liu

Invited speakers:  Dietmar Muller, Mathew Domeier, David Evans, Trond Torsvik

  1. Evolving Earth dynamics: from observation to computer simulation

Coordinators: Rhodri Davies, Weronika Gorczyk and Chuan Huang

Invited speakers: Nicolas Flament, Shijie Zhong

  1. Chemical geodynamics and mantle heterogeneity: differentiation vs. remixing

Coordinators: Luc Doucet

Invited speakers: Grace Shephard, Ben Mather, James Day

  1. Evolving Earth environment and climate: an Earth System approach from the core to the biosphere and hydrosphere

Coordinators: David Heslop, Martin Van Kranendonk

Invited speakers: Andy Biggin, Richard Bono, Benjamin Mills, Liao Chang

  1. Rock magnetism and applications: from resource exploration to archaeology

Coordinators: Jim Austin, Agathe Lise-Pronovost

Invited speakers: TBA

Abstract submission and Registration

Abstract submission and registration (opening soon) will be handled via the 2023 AESC website. Please visit the link below for more information.

This webpage will be updated once programs and timetables become available.