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Research Highlights

Metamorphic record of 2 billion years of plate tectonics and supercontinent cycles

A recent study led by EDRG member, Yebo Liu, attempted to discover if a clear spatiotemporal correlation between different types of metamorphism and active convergent plate margins holds true back to 2 billion years ago. The study has been published in Geology.

Palaeogeographic maps of metamorphic occurnces.

Counting craters: Mars' surface records consistent asteroid showers

Members of the Earth Dynamics Research Group have co-authored an article in Earth and Planetary Science Letters investigating the frequency of asteroid impacts in the inner solar system, specifically on Mars, Earth and the Moon.

More than 500 large Martian craters were analysed using a crater detection algorithm which automatically counts the visible impact craters from a high-resolution image.


  • PhD gradute awarded "best Ph.D" at award ceremony

    Dr Gamaleldien was awarded the Krishna & Pamela Sappal Prize, acknowledging his exceptional doctoral research and producing the best doctoral thesis in Geoscience during 2021.

    Congratulations Hamed!

  • 2022 EDRG Annual Science retreat

    The Earth Dynamics Research Group held their Annual Science Retreat in May, coming full circle to once again visit the venue where the original planning meeting was held in 2016.

  • Article listed in the 2021 Top 100 Scientific Reports

    An article published last year in the journal Scientific Reports, has recently been announced as one of the top 100 most downloaded earth science papers for Scientific Reports in 2021.

    The article reports the discovery that diamonds found in oceanic rocks and the so-called super-deep continental diamonds share a common origin of recycled organic carbon deep within the Earth’s mantle.

  • Welcome new members to EDRG after a long Covid-19 travel freeze!

    The EDRG welcome our first new students since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Both Ms Maëlys Privat and Ms Yuchi Cui joined us on Curtin University's Bentley campus from early 2022 to undertake their PhD research with our group.

    Welcome Yuchi and Maëlys!

  • Daniel Brennan awarded best presentation at GESSS-WA

    The GSA – Earth Science Student Symposium (GESSS-WA) was hosted at Curtin University in November 2021. Curtin EPS HDR students took home four of the six best presentation prizes including EDRG's own Daniel Brennan.

    Congratulations Dan!

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Community Feature Article


Prof. Li was recently featured in an article discussing the work that we do in the Earth Dynamics Research Group. The article was produced by Futurum, a magazine and online platform aimed at inspiring young people to follow a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The article also includes a link to an activity sheet for students and teachers. For more information, teaching resources, and course and career guides, see

CCFS Short Course on Snowball Earth by Professor Paul Hoffman

A CCFS-sponsored short course on the global climatic phenomenon known as Snowball Earth was held at Curtin University on 15 July, 2016.

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Traveling Geologist

The work of previous EDRG team member, Chris Spencer, has seen him visit many exotic and remote locations around the world, documented on his travel blog Traveling Geologist. The page has now expanded to provide a platform for other Earth scientists to share their adventures – check out some of the incredible photos and stories.

Visit the website