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Research Highlights

Prof. Li named a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science

Professor Zheng-Xiang Li, Head of the EDRG, has received the outstanding honour of being named as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.

Congratulations Prof. Li!

Prof. Zheng-Xiang Li, one of 24 new Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science.

Pink diamonds of Argyle linked to supercontinent breakup

Researchers from Curtin University, including many from the EDRG, have identified the missing third key ingredient needed to bring valuable pink diamonds to the Earth’s surface where they can be mined, such as in Western Australia’s Argyle volcano, which could greatly help in the global hunt for new deposits. The work has been published in Nature Communications.

Coloured diamonds from the Argyle diamond mine. Image: Murray Rayner, Rio Tinto.


  • Dr Doucet taking a leading role in the EDRG

    With some recent changes to the organisational structure within the school of Earth and Planetary Sciences, we are happy to announce that Dr Luc Doucet is taking up a leadership position within the Earth Dynamics Research Group.

    Congratulation Luc!

  • EDRG Fieldtrip to Pilbara region to study some of the oldest rocks in Australia

    A team of Earth Dynamics Research Group scienctists travelled to the Pilbara region to sample some of Australia's oldest rocks in order to constrain the paleogeographic evolution of the Pilbara during the Paleoarchean (3.2 - 3.6 billion years ago).

  • 6th International Archean Symposium and ACTER social event

    The Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Tectonics and Earth Resources (ACTER) held a social lunch following the International Archean Symposium held in Fremantle, Western Australia. It was a pleasure to reinvigorate the partnerships and develop new connections.

  • 2023 AESC Special Symposium and WA Palaeomagnetic and Rock-magnetic Facility Visit

    The Special Symposium on Dynamic Evolution of Earth and its Environment, held during the Australian Earth Sciences Convention, was a great success. It was also a pleasure to catch up with the Australian Palaeomagnetic and Rock-magnetic community following the convention.

  • 2023 EDRG Annual Science Retreat

    The Earth Dynamics Research Group held another enjoyable Annual Science Retreat in May 2023, at the wonderful Seashells Resort in Mandurah, Western Australia.

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Community Feature Article


Prof. Li was recently featured in an article discussing the work that we do in the Earth Dynamics Research Group. The article was produced by Futurum, a magazine and online platform aimed at inspiring young people to follow a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

The article also includes a link to an activity sheet for students and teachers. For more information, teaching resources, and course and career guides, see

CCFS Short Course on Snowball Earth by Professor Paul Hoffman

A CCFS-sponsored short course on the global climatic phenomenon known as Snowball Earth was held at Curtin University on 15 July, 2016.

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Traveling Geologist

The work of previous EDRG team member, Chris Spencer, has seen him visit many exotic and remote locations around the world, documented on his travel blog Traveling Geologist. The page has now expanded to provide a platform for other Earth scientists to share their adventures – check out some of the incredible photos and stories.

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