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Australian palaeo-/rock-magnetism workshop

Perth, 2020 | This event has been postponed and will be rescheduled to a later date (TBD).

Bentley Campus

A workshop will be held (date TBD) at Curtin University’s Bentley campus in Perth for the Australian palaeomagnetism and rock-magnetism community. The purpose of gathering both seasoned and new community members and lab users (students included) are multiple, including exchanging ideas, facilitating/initiating collaborations, visiting facilities (and possibly laboratory training if required), and networking.

The workshop will consist of one and half days of presentations covering the wide range of research that we do, and an hour or two visiting our recently established Palaeomagnetic and Rock-magnetic Laboratory at Curtin University. If there are enough new users/students who would like to learn about the palaeomagnetic and/or rock-magnetic instruments, and their wide applications, we could organise some additional training following the workshop.

Themes for presentations could cover:

  1. global to regional tectonics,
  2. environmental magnetism,
  3. magnetic characterisation for mineral exploration,
  4. archaeomagnetism,
  5. technology development,

plus any other work related to palaeo-/rock-magnetism.

Each theme will have ample time for detailed discussions about new directions/developments, unresolved problems, and the potential for cross-team collaborations. There will also be a final discussion regarding the major challenges and opportunites of the palaeomagnetic and rock-magnetic community and  perhaps new initiatives moving forward as a group.

More information

To express you interest in attending or for more information about the workshop please contact either Prof. Zheng-Xiang Li or Dr. Josh Beardmore