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IGCP 648 Database Workshop 2019

24 – 30 March, 2019 | Curtin University, Perth, AUSTRALIA


The IGCP 648 database workshop and scientific symposium on Supercontinent Cycles and Global Geodynamics was held at Curtin University during March 24–30, 2019. The workshop focused on the continuing development of the East Asian geotectonic database and planning for a journal special issue related to outcomes from the new database.

Following the database workshop a scientific symposium was held along with members from the Earth Dynamics Research Group. The symposium included three days of invited and keynote presentations relating to the ongoing research as part of IGCP Project 648: Supercontinetn Cycles and Global Geodynamics.


24 March, 2019 – Arrival and preparation.

25-27 March, 2019 – East Asian database and special issue planning workshop.

27-30 March, 2019 – Scientific symposium with members of the Earth Dynamics Research Group.

Photos from the event