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Rodinia 2017


The Rodinia 2017: Supercontinent Cycles and Global Geodynamics meeting was held over 4 days (11-14 June, 2017) at the “Seagulls” Conference Resort at Rowes Bay, along the foreshore of Townsville City in Northern Queensland. More information about the meeting can be found in the first and second circular. Be sure to also check the conference report.

Scientific Themes

THEME 1: Assembly of Australia in supercontinent cycles.
THEME 2: New Progress and constraints on Supercontinent reconstructions.
THEME 3: How supercontinents assemble.
THEME 4: New developments in Paleogeographicreconstructions.
THEME 5: Supercontinent cycles and Geodynamics.
THEME 6: Supercontinent cycles and mineral systems.
THEME 7: LIPS, Plumes, and supercontinents.

See the scientific program here

Read the volume of abstracts here

Pre-Conference workshop:

IGCP648 held a workshop on global database construction on the 2 days prior to the conference (9-10 June, 2017).

The workshop was aimed for people willing to help with the compilation of the global GIS-based databases, globally consistent in scale, content and style, that will be used for testing the supercontinental and global geodynamic models, or for resource exploration or climatic modelling.

The presentation and documents relating to the workshop can be found here.

Post-Conference Field trip:

A six day field trip along a Mount Isa Terrane Transect was held over June 16th-21st 2017. The field guide can be found here.


Abstracts were restricted to two pages including figures and references.
The abstract volume is part of the Geological Society of Australia Abstract volume series: volume 121.